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Property City

Basically , in the sale there exists an absolute transfer of all right in the property transfer of all right in the property sold”. Sale can be made in two ways . Where the values of Tangible immovable property is Rs. 100 or more than or in the case of reversion on other intangible thing , sale can only be made through Registered instrument. Sale is transfer of ownership n exchange for a price paid or promised or part paid and part promised . The benefits to arose out of land is and interested in land . life interest in the income immovable property , right of way , ferry, fishery , lease of land right to enter upon land to remove tress, right to collect dues at a fair held on the land , right to rear land. But right to recover maintenance charged on land ,

Royalty are not benefits to arise out of land.. I hope to inspire you decision to consider me for the job of selling you property owner form DELHI ,LUCKNOW HIGH WAY , BUDA SAIDPUR NEAR AIRPORT ,NAINITAL ROAD , BILWA , BAREILLY RAMPUR ROAD ,C.B GANJ have profited from the services that I provide. The customized marketing plan which I will present to you. Has bees organized to sell our property in the time frame that suits your needs . My explanation will give you a thorough understanding of the steps in the process.

Each year strive to improve our marketing plan and update my technology. Those who have worked with me in the past, are pleased and impressed with our more efficient means of accomplishing the sales of property. For those of you meeting me for the first time get your question ready, open your minds and be prepared for a satisfying and successful real estate experience .